Sunday, 26.03.2017, 19:59 in Jakarta

Feeling at home in foreign markets.

Concept for your market entry in Indonesia


Getting started doing business in Asian countries like Indonesia is often difficult. Besides a thorough analysis of the Indonesian market, small and medium-sized businesses need local contacts like the German Centre Indonesia for entering the market and for their business activities in complex foreign markets. The concept of the German Centre Indonesia is to put you on the road to success from the start by providing you exactly the advice you need.

The search for new ways of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the market in Indonesia led the L-Bank - the state bank of Baden-Württemberg - to the concept of the German Centre Indonesia.

The German Centre Indonesia is a meeting point and information location for entering the market in Jakarta, Indonesia. As an innovative contact, the German Centre Indonesia supports business between Indonesia and Germany. The concept of the German Centre Indonesia was specially developed for small and medium-sized businesses from Germany, to avoid financial dangers during the start-up period when entering the market in Indonesia. The support from the German Centre Indonesia includes information and guidelines, how to deal with business activities and ordinances in various areas that could be necessary for successfully entering the market in Indonesia. In addition to these services, the German Centre Indonesia houses a Business Centre with areas for meetings and presentations.


The German Centre Indonesia is an enterprise of the Landeskreditbank Baden - Württemberg.